Member Profiles

Phil Mason

From the Illawarra region

  • Semi Retired

  • Member of the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)

  • Passions....Flying and all aspects of Aviation....PPL Holder and RA 

  • Australia Pilot.

  • Flight Simulation.... namely Lockheed Martin P3D V4...DCS 

  • World...X-Plane, keep on trying it but still prefer P3D

  • Flies out of Wollongong (Shellharbour) Airport.

  • Uses flight sim for training and entertainment purposes.

  • Enjoys using World Wide Virtual for adventures and logging of flights

  • Favourite real aircraft to fly is the Piper PA28 range

  • Favourite Flight Sim is P3D

  • Favourite Military Flight Sim is DCS World

  • Favourite Flight Sim aircraft are the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, Carenado PA31, 350 Chieftain and C441 Conquest

Phil Mason.

Erik Andersen

From the NSW South Coast Region

  • I have enjoyed flight sims since the first came out. Had every flight sim that Microsoft have done.

  • At the moment I am using p3d v4.5. My set up is three monitors in infinity  mode.

  • I have a yoke and rudder pedals with Saitek control panels. 

  • I mostly do must GA flying with ORBX scenery.

  • I am retired and live in the Kiama region. 

  • I enjoy our group as so much can be learned from our members.

  • I enjoy the coffee gatherings when we have meetings.

Ron Bull

From the Sydney Region

  • Semi-Retired Engineer….petroleum, explosives and cement industries.

  • Love flying and all aspects of Aviation....PPL licence since 1970…. Flown Auster, Citabria, Blanik glider, Various Beechcraft, Cessna, Mooney and Piper singles, Partenavia, Cessna 310 and DC3.

  • Flight Simulation....Lockheed Martin P3D V4.

  • Favourite Flight Sim aircraft is the B777….currently building a real size panel set up with the help of Mark and Brian….thanks to both of them.

  • Member of the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS).

  • Enjoy writing programmes in…. must learn more about application to sim programmes.

  • Just want to enjoy the aviation/sim world.

Erik Andersen.
Click on the image to see more of Ron's 777

Brian Carter

From the Southern Highlands (NSW) region

  • Retired Mechanical Engineer.

  • Hobbies: Model Engineering in all its forms and Virtual Aviation.

  • In real life flown in 707, VC10, 747-200, 747-400, 737-800, A320, E190 and Dash 8-Q400 aircraft as passenger.

  • Member of Worldwide Virtual Airline, DC3 Airways, VATSIM and IVAO. At the time of entering this information I have completed 4,704 hours of virtual flight with various virtual airlines including Qantas Virtual (now QVirtual) and the Flying Tigers Group (now defunct) apart from the current VAs. The total doesn’t include the many years of virtual flying on the desktop computer with various early versions of Microsoft Flight Simulators before I was able to log VA flights.

  • Currently using FSX and P3D v4.5 depending on the aircraft used.

  • Favourite sim aircraft: PMDG B744, B772 and B738. CalClassics Super Constellation (FSX only) and Manfred Jahn’s DC3 (C147).

  • I find the mental challenge/stimulation of operating the sim aircraft as real as possible, with regard to flight planning, operations etc., is a great benefit. Especially the likes of Connie where you have four jobs to do at once!

Brian Carter.

Peter Lewis

From the Illawarra region

  • Mechanical Engineering background now teaching in a south-western Sydney high school. Spent a number of years working part time for the University of Newcastle retraining other former industry personnel into Technology teaching.

  • Tour guide at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS). 

  • Qualified powered and non-powered gilder pilot. Former member of the Gliding Club of Victoria (Benalla).

  • Fell in love with aviation at an early age (4) with a flight on an Ansett Sandringham flying boat from Sydney to Lord Howe Island. Will forever remember touching down on the lagoon at Lord Howe Island and catching a glimpse of fish and coral reefs just a few feet below the aircraft as the window momentarily went below the waterline!

  • Using Lockheed P3D V4.5 with ORBX scenery.

  • Favorite aircraft:  Beechcraft Duke (non-turbine), Boeing 757 and of course the Sandringham Flying Boat.

  • Still in the learning phase (although the learning never ends!) and it’s a steep learning curve. I would have given up ages ago and put everything on Gumtree if it wasn’t for the support, knowledge and encouragement of the IFSG members.

  • Enjoy the regular catch ups and coffees a very supportive, knowledgeable and friendly group of guys.

Mike Monk

From Thailand

  • It would be very difficult for me to attend coffee mornings on a regular basis but I would be grateful if you would accept me as your first International member.

  • I now live in Southern Thailand but have lived over the years in Australia (Sydney but frequently visited friends in Illawarra), Singapore, Malaysia and, of course, the UK).

  • I am still working as a freelance rep in the fibre-optic cable industry representing owners and manufacturers on pre-installation route surveys, cable installations and repairs, which takes me all over the place and on a variety of aircraft. 

  • My first flight which I am trying not to forget with the passage of time was on a BOAC 707 (the BOAC livery is my most favourite livery) from London to Sydney in 1966. One of my clear memories of that adventure was surprise as we entered up the rear steps at all the rivets that held the aircraft together. I have also travelled on Concorde from London to Bahrain and then onto Singapore on a QANTAS 744 in 1st class (with breakfast of freshly cooked fried eggs in the upper lounge) in 1978. 

  • I was late in becoming a real-world aviator when I got my PPL at Bournemouth Flying Club in 1988. I then went on to get my CPL, firstly at Oxford Air Training School in the UK then at Central Airways Flying School in Ontario, Canada.

  • I am, however, a frustrated commercial pilot as I obtained the licence in 1989 but sadly never got to used it. :-(

  • I started flying virtually in the 1990s when in the UK but only really got serious about it by starting to fly online and with VAs (Singapore Airlines, QANTAS, Tiger and BA and WWV) when I moved to Thailand in 2009. I am no longer active with any VA doing all my flying on VATSIM without any of the entrapments of a VA.

  • I visited Illawarra in January 2019 and met Brian, Mark and Ron (Thanks for the HARS tour RON and Brian) and although it will not be possible for me to participate fully in your group I would be happy to do so on any future visits I might make to OZ.

Mike Monk.

Paul Dibden

From the Nowra area

  • I started flying 2004/2005.

  • System used at this time is a desk top computer.

  • Hardware used when I first started was a Saitek joy stick with throttle control.

  • I have previously built a 737 cockpit was not happy with first one but I am in the process of rebuilding  another one which is also 737.

  • I enjoy flying the 737 aircraft as they are a nice aircraft to fly with easy controls.

  • I enjoy the company of my fellow flight sim members when we get together at meetings.

  • My hobbies are miniature ride-on trains and model engineering as well as flight sim.

Pauls 737
Click on the image to see more of Paul's 737.

Bob Mulder

From the Illawarra region

  • My background is Dutch and in 2009 when holidaying in the Netherlands for three months meeting members of the Duch FlightSim Group of whom I am also a member, and fly several times a week.

  • My other hobby is Classic Cars and own one as well which we take for a drive just about every Sunday as we are also a member of a Car Club.

  • So after progressing through the various versions of Microsoft FlightSim I now use Prepar3D v4.5 and have a lot of Orbx Scenery and Airports as well as Aerosoft and Fly-Tampa Airports, I fly mainly for Leisure and Pleasure.

  • Favourite Jet Aircraft is the PMDG-NGX-737, although I also have some Rikoo aircraft.

  • Favourite four-Engine Jet is the Queen of the Sky, Boeing 747-400, have the PMDG version for Microsoft FSX, this of course I cannot use with P3Dv4.

  • My Favourite Single Prop aircraft is the Cessna Caravan 208B.

  • Favourite Twin Prop is the Piper Seneca-II Bonanza.

  • Favourite Historical Aircraft is the Spitfire.

  • I am on a big learning curve flying with a great and very helpful bunch of IFSG members.


Bob posing with a Spitfire, his favourite historic aircraft.

Steve Young

From the Canberra (ACT) region

  • A former RAAF Loadmaster on UH1-B/H models and AS350B Squirrel. Served at 5Sqn Canberra, 2FTS Pearce and MFO Sinai.

  • A total of 14 years with CAA/Airservices in various roles, including Flight Data, administration and research.

  • A total of 12 years with the ATSB as Manager Notifications & Confidential Reporting

  • Currently work part time as an ‘instructor’ for Jet Flight Simulator Canberra

  • Hobbies: Model Building and Virtual Aviation.

  • Member of VATSIM since 2001 as both a ‘pilot’ and ‘ATC’ (haven’t controlled for several years) and have in excess of 6000 hours online. 

  • Currently using P3D v4.5 depending on the aircraft used. Favourite sim aircraft: PMDG B744, NGXU, QW787, FSLabs A320 and Majestic Dash8. 

  • I have found YouTube has provided me with a great resource of training in terms of procedures. Enjoy the realism the ‘hobby’ provides with study level aircraft, third party Addons (GSX, ActiveSky, Simbrief, etc) and support forums.

Steve Young's setup.